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In over 20 years of engineering I have had the chance to work for various academic, industrial and consulting structures, covering fields as diverse as: high precision mechanics, offshore structures, special machinery, telescope mirrors, biomechanics...

International experience, having worked in several countries, has inspired me to see engineering in a different way.

During my career I have met some high performing people. To some of these people I put forward the idea of creating "customized" teams, made up of the specialists needed for each individual project.

From this experience is born: Tu-yang : a customer-focused network based on "made to measure" teams.

Why "tu-yang" ?

tú yàng 图样 in Chinese stands for "blueprint". It may be pronounced in several languages. It represents our services which are specific and original like our know-how. It is also a reference to internationalism. It is a reminder of the basics of engineering and of one of its foundations: technical drawing.